Let’s look into why private dental practices are the best when tackling issues that need to be resolved quickly and efficiently. Breaking down how we (Smiles Centre) help to put the number one concern that patents have down to their last concern – keep reading…


why private dental practices are better


Reasons why to choose a private dental practice


While the NHS is great, it doesn’t offer cosmetic treatment. Which i’d say can be life-threatening to your mental health, your overall confidence. Money is never wasted on cosmetic procedures, and every penny is well spent with private practices.


A private practice, guaranteed when you opt for Smiles Centre, ensures that every need is tended to, out goal is to put your mind at ease so that you can make the most of the good things in life. So when you are making memories with the ones you love, you’re doing so without having to think the worst about your health.


What are the benefits of going private?


How payment plans work with private dental practices


Now of course everyone would opt for private care if the cost wasn’t so intimidating, but there are ways around that.


And besides, bottom line is that private care can be made affordable when spread over an interest free Smiles Centre payment plan (for Smiles Centre patients only).


Let say you’re wanting a white spot removal treatment – specifically ICON treatment. At Smiles, that’ll cost you £189 per tooth.


Posing a scenario of you needing ICON treatment for two teeth, that’d be a total of £378. Using our loaning service, you can spread the cost over 3 to 12 months costing you as little as £31.50 a month.


These small payments allow for you to worry less about money, while you enjoy your new beautiful smile for years to come (read up on ICON treatment’s longevity to gain better insight into how long this kind of treatment lasts; as the longevity differs).


So yes, of course the cost of private care is the number one cause for concern in our patients but, they are several ways in which we can assist you.


Private dental practice testimonial


Don’t take our word for it, check out these testimonials from our patients:


So contact Smiles today to claim your FREE initial consultation to ensue that you don’t miss out on the dental care that will save your smile’s health, and cosmetic appearance.

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