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Facial Aesthetic Treatments at Smiles Centre | Swindon Dentist

Facial aesthetics like dermal fillers have become increasingly sought-after worldwide for their ability to minimise wrinkles and plump up areas such as the lips. At Smiles Centre Swindon, our aesthetics expert and dentist, Kate Hollands, is at your service to administer these treatments.

We provide an array of options, one of which inhibits muscle activity by blocking neurotransmitters. This effect typically lasts around four months, requiring periodic top-ups should you wish to sustain a wrinkle-free appearance. The muscle-relaxing effects generally begin to show within a few hours, reaching their peak effectiveness after about a week.

Teeth Whitening & Cosmetic Dentistry
To complement your facial aesthetics, we offer additional cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening and straightening, given that we are a full-service dental practice.

Kate Hollands is delighted to offer you a no-obligation consultation where you can discuss your treatment options over a cup of coffee. A nominal fee of £84 applies for this appointment.

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Fillers can be used for a variety of reasons, smoothing fine lines, restoring lost volume and altering the shape of facial structures .

Kate only uses high quality brands of temporary biodegradable filler (hyaluronic acid) and ensures that the filler is right for you as the patient with no brand loyalty. On average dermal fillers last between 6-18+ months and can be dissolved if necessary. All the fillers Kate uses have local anaesthetic in them to make your experience as comfortable as possible.


Lip Filler: Lip filler can be incredibly versatile creating very subtle changes to volume and shape or bold beautiful heart shaped lips, upturned mouth corners and anything in between using a variety of techniques such as bordering (contouring), vectoring (fanning), Cupid’s bow lift, and tenting (Russian lip technique).

1ml/visit: £320


Nose to mouth (nasolabial) lines: These are lines that extend from the outside of each nostril towards the outer corners of our lips and get deeper with age sometimes adding to a ‘jowly’ appearance. These can be treated using fanning and linear techniques.

1ml/2ml / visit: £265/£375


Marionette Lines: These lines extend from the corners of your lips down towards the chin and can give a down turned/’unhappy’ appearance to the lips. A crosshatching technique is used to lift and improve volume in the area. 

This treatment is well combined with downturned mouth anti wrinkle injections (DOA injections) a couple a weeks earlier to get the best result.

1ml/visit: £265


Tear Trough Filler: ‘Eye hollowness’/dark circles that have increased with age can often be treated by using very soft filler ‘fanned’ in the area to smooth the transition between under eye and cheek. 

It is often best to use a good quality eye cream before this treatment to lift and treat pigmentation – please discuss with Kate if you are interested. 

1ml/visit: £375


Cheek Filler: Cheek fillers are a very popular way of improving contour and/or improve volume loss. Kate will discuss with you what result you desire, and tailor your injections to this. 

1ml/2ml/ visit: £265/375


Chin Filler: Despite sounding slightly unusual, chin filler can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your face. Chin filler is best used when ‘harmonising’ the natural facial features, for example a face can look narrower and more defined with chin filler, or where the lower jaw looks small or ‘undershot’ this treatment can make a huge difference to the facial profile. These treatments are often combined with cheek filler or jawline sculpting to really maximise that impact. 

1ml/2ml/ visit: £265/375


Pre jowl Treatment: Usually combined with Chin filler and often cheek filler this treatment smooths the area where occasionally the cheek dips below the jawline creating a slight ‘jowl’. 

This can also assist with jawline sculpting.

1ml/2ml/ visit: £265/375


Jaw Sculpting: This treatment is really two treatments which Kate will tailor to your desired outcome and gender. Firstly Jawline enhancement where filler is placed along the jawline to sharpen the appearance, and secondly the angle of the jaw is sometimes augmented to give more definition. 

2ml/3ml/4ml/ visit: £395/580/765


Non surgical rhinoplasty: This treatment can improve the appearance of slightly crooked noses, small bumps in the bridge, hooked noses, flat or small nasal bridge by injecting filler into 3 or 4 predefined locations on the nose. It is one of the most transformational procedures! People often say it feels like they can breathe easier even. 

1ml/ visit: £410


Hand rejuvenation: Sometimes over time the veins, tendons and bony structures of the hand can become apparent. Filler applied to these areas can improve volume and reduce the appearance of these structures giving younger looking hands. 

2ml/3ml/ visit: £395/580



Anti-Wrinkle/Muscle Relaxing injections


Some lines and wrinkles we have are caused by the constant movement and contraction of muscles during expression for example crows feet appear when smiling, or ’11 lines’ when frowning. Injection of botulinum toxin causes temporary muscle paralysis and therefore reduces these lines and prevents unwanted facial movements.

Bunny lines

Smokers lines

Crows feet

Forehead lines

Frown lines

Downturned corners of the mouth (DAO)

Pebble/Dimpled chin


One area – £205

Two areas – £295

Three Areas – £345


Neck Lift – The muscle around the neck can add to the appearance of ‘turkey neck’ therefore injections to relax the area can reduce this and give a slight lifting appearance by around 15%



Eyebrow lift – lifting the end of the brow. Well combined with crows feet area treatment. 



Gummy smile reduction – The amount of gum shown when a person smiles is individual, and in some people can be more gum than tooth is exposed giving a ‘gummy smile’ appearance. This occurs where a muscle above the lip is working very strongly. By relaxing this muscle, the gummy smile appearance can be much improved with no dental treatment whatsoever! 



Facial slimming/Grinding reduction: The muscle on the side of the jaw which can be felt on jaw clenching is often overworked and can become large and bulky. To reduce the work the muscle does, anti-wrinkle treatment can be injected into the muscle. When repeated over time this has the effect of slimming the jaw, and is well combined with chin and cheek filler to give the contoured narrow face. 

For people that suffer with painful griding and clenching which can often lead to jaw pain and headaches, this treatment can be revolutionary in preventing this destructive habit. 


Under-arm anti sweating treatment: Small doses of anti wrinkle treatment are injected and prevent the sweat glands producing much sweat. For maximum and continuous effect this should be repeated every 6-8 months. 

Both arms: £440

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At Smiles Centre, we pride ourselves on being a dental practice where safety, cleanliness, and regulation are paramount. We adhere strictly to all guidelines set by the relevant regulatory bodies, ensuring our facilities meet and exceed the highest standards of hygiene and care.

Surgical and Aesthetic Expertise
In addition to aesthetic treatments like dermal fillers, we provide a full range of dental surgical services. Our team of qualified professionals, including dental surgeons and aesthetic experts, work cohesively to ensure you receive comprehensive, top-quality care.

Stringent Hygiene Protocols
Cleanliness is non-negotiable at Smiles Centre. We maintain rigorous sterilisation procedures for all equipment and treatment rooms. Regular audits and staff training sessions ensure we continually uphold these exacting standards.

Regulatory Compliance
We comply fully with the regulations and standards set by the General Dental Council and other relevant authorities. This guarantees that our practice remains on the cutting edge of both safety and quality, giving you complete peace of mind.


Patient-Centric Approach
We are dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for our patients. From the moment you walk through our doors, you can be assured of receiving personalised, attentive care designed to meet your individual needs.

In summary, Smiles Centre stands as a bastion of safety, cleanliness, and professional regulation. Whether you’re here for aesthetic treatments or full dental surgery, you couldn’t be in safer hands.

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