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Facial aesthetics such as dermal fillers are now one of the most popular cosmetic treatments across the world, it is used to make wrinkles less obvious or areas like lips fuller. At Smiles Centre Swindon, you can have your treatment undertaken by out aesthetics expert and hygienist; Helen.

We can offer you a range of treatments, one freezes muscle movement by blocking neuro-transmitters, this usually lasts for around four months, meaning you will need top-ups a few times a year if you wish to maintain your line-free look.

With this option, the effects on the muscles usually become apparent within a few hours, with the main effects appearing after about a week

Teeth Whitening & Cosmetic Dentistry

To complement your facial aesthetics treatment, being a dental practice, we can also offer you cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and straightening

Free Consultation

Helen would like to offer you a free consultation where you can sit down, have a chat and a coffee. It is absolutely no obligation and you can discuss all your options.

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Remove Crows Feet with Anti Wrinkle Treatments at Smiles Centre

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Remove Frown Lines - Emma Coles, Smiles Centre Patient


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