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Denture MOT

Your Denture Expert
I can give your denture a 7 point denture MOT to identify any problems and suggest any possible fixes.01793 200036

Better Fitting Dentures

If your dentures are not fitting properly it could be having a number of detrimental effects on your health and happiness. It might be that you need to replace your denture but sometimes it’s possible to make alterations and adjustments to a denture to improve the fitting, our clinical technicians can undertake a denture MOT for you, they will carry a full seven point check and then discuss the findings with you. Your mouth is very important, this service is just £35 so why not book your appointment today?

7 Point Denture MOT

Drawing (36)Check denture fit
Drawing (36)Clean dentures
Drawing (36)Small alterations
Drawing (36)Suggest improvements
Drawing (36)Check your bite
Drawing (36)Assess jaw function
Drawing (36)Oral hygiene advice denture showing smiles centre and olivestone dental lab


7 Point Denture MOT

Check Denture Fit – Clean Dentures – Small Alterations – Suggest Improvements – Check Your Bite – Assess Jaw Function – Oral Hygiene Advice

£34.99 One Off Charge


The Smile Denture Plan Gives You

Unlimited Reasonable Adjustments – Unlimited Relines – Unlimited Repairs – Unlimited Additions – Unlimited Alterations – Unlimited Descaling and Cleaning

£24.99 per month Direct Debit
or £274.89 per year

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