Have You Seen My Teeth?


Recently, one of my patients shared a story with me about their disastrous holiday. It was supposed to be a holiday of a lifetime but, after just a few days, it was ruined by a set of dentures.

Denture Boat


Last year I booked a really nice holiday for me and my wife, we had been married for 49 years so we decided go somewhere really nice for our 50th anniversary. We chose the Maldives out in the Indian Ocean for its white sands and crystal clear waters. It was fantastic, the most amazing place I have ever visited but after the first day I had a bit of an upset tummy.
This is not unusual for me, I don’t know if its the flight, the food or the travelling but I always feel a bit queasy on the second or third day. So on the third day I was relieved to be feeling much better and could just get on with my holiday and enjoy it.
We walked down to the beach and hired a small paddle boat, it was fantastic, as we pedaled out, we could see shoals of fish darting about, all sorts of shapes and colours. But then disaster stuck! With the constant steady rock of the boat I started to feel a bit queasy again so we started to peddle back to shore, but, too late. My stomach turned and I was sick over the side of the boat. I felt really giddy so I laid back in the boat for a few minutes to settle myself while my wife started peddling us back to shore.
The moment passed and I sat back up to have a sip of water and it was then that I realised my dentures were gone! In a panic I started to look around the boat into the shallow water for my teeth. I knew it was a waste of time, we must have drifted quite a way after I was ill and then my wife had also started peddling back to shore.
We peddled around where we thought they may have been for almost an hour but it was no use, they were lost forever. Well, as you can probably imagine, the rest of the holiday didn’t go too well. I couldn’t eat all the nice food that I wanted too, I couldn’t smile in any photographs and it was very embarrassing talking to people.
That was last year. This year, we have booked up our holiday at the same place, I’ve had new dentures made, which fit far better than my old ones ever did, and I had a duplicate copy made at the same time as a spare set, which didn’t cost me much more as the technician explained to me at the Smiles Centre, its fairly easy to make 2 sets at the same time. Now I feel prepared, and I’ve realised that I could have lost my dentures at any time and to not have a spare set is just asking for trouble.



I’d like to say that I don’t often hear about these sorts of storied but, as I’ve said before, I hear them all the time. Dentures getting lost on holiday, whilst in the hospital or just at home (being wrapped in tissue and then being thrown out with the rubbish). so the moral of this story is, make sure you have a spare set, and if you go on holiday, take them with you, if you are going into hospital, wear your spare ones!

We are running a great offer this May on copy dentures. If you book before the end of May for new dentures, you can get a duplicate set made at the same time for just have price. We also have a duplicating service where we take your existing denture and duplicate it for half the cost of a new denture. The cost of the denture will depend on what type of denture you would like and what type of teeth are used. We can find this out at your free consultation, a friendly chat to find out what’s best for you. Whatever your denture needs are, talk to the denture experts.

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