A common concern for most patients is the expense of a private dentist. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about private dental care that we need to clear up. So we can save you time, money, and so we can provide you with the best care – just a few of the many reasons as to why you should opt for private dental


the expense of a private dentist


What’s the expense of a private dentist?


If your dental health is good and you don’t need anything other than routine appointments, believe it or not in this instance, private dentistry can be more cost-effective than going to see an NHS dentist. The reason is that routine appointments can usually be paid by way of an on-going dental plan.


Price comparison – NHS vs private  


Comparison of a couple (any two from the same household):


Total Year Cost of NHS Dental Treatment – £339.20

Total Year Cost of Private Dental Treatment – £299.88

At Smiles Centre, our on-going mission is to provide such a fantastic service that our patients actually look forward to their future appointments.


This is achieved more than you might think, often, those that first come to us with a severe level of dental phobia now actually enjoy their visits.


The cost of private dental treatment


Now when it comes to treatment, private practices are more expensive. However, because private practices offer payment plans the cost of the treatment isn’t as alarming compared the cost of NHS treatment (paying all at once). You can also save money as a member, saving 10% on cosmetic dentistry…


All Smiles Centre prices differ; depending on if you have a dental smile plan with us or not. Having one will save you money, hassle, and the essentials when it comes to making sure your teeth are healthy – giving you a health mind in return.


What about the cost of cosmetic dental treatment?


This is kind of irrelevant as cosmetic work isn’t typically an option for NHS patients. However, Smiles Centre offers an extensive range of cosmetic dental treatments such as composite build-ups, teeth whitening, implants and very detailed, natural and great fitting dentures.


It is worth noting that you don’t have to be a regular patient to have cosmetic treatment, some of our patients choose to see an NHS dentist but just make appointments with us for their cosmetic work as and when they require it.



Still not sure if it’s worth it? Check out Smiles Centre’s Google reviews or Smiles’ YouTube channel for our patient video testimonials.

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